Anton Nikitin
Game Development
Sound Design
Software Development
Motivated May 2022 graduate with concentration in Game Design and Development in Computer Science - the first and only in the world program accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), and ranked among the very best in the nation by the Princeton Review
Game programmer with 2 years of experience
Solid Unity 2D / Unity 3D and Unreal Engine level game development skills, experienced in working with scripting and coding tools within game engines
Competent in Object-Oriented Programming C#, C++
Proficient in audio coding and sound design for game development projects, 100+ sound compositions created. Familiar with room acoustic simulation, or sound synthesis
Advance knowledge in mathematics including Algorithms and Data Structures
My game projects
I have worked on and published three games so far. "Hat High Rise" and "Cat Punch Ghost" are in 2D and "Shooting Room" is in 3D.
All music is composed by myself. The biggest part of my work on these games was implementing features like wall jumping, level design using a tilemap, and implementing audio.
"Hat High Rise" and "Cat Punch Ghost" were made in a team of 4-5 students as a college project.
"Shooting Room" was developed completely by myself.
Try out "Hat High Rise" Game
Try out "Shooting Room" Game
Try out "Cat Punch Ghost" Game
My music projects
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